I’ll start with a dog selfie because Oreo and Milkshake are pretty cute.

So far, this summer has been about improving myself, chilling with the doggies, and making new recipes (mostly off Pinterest…let’s be honest).  Tonight’s dinner was a baked sesame chicken, which if I say so myself, was pretty awesome.  

I’ve been way more successful with my nutrition since Stronger U suggested I pre-record my meals in MyFitnessPal.  DUH!  It seems so obvious.  But I’m frequently guilty of flying by the seat of my pants on a variety of things, and this was no exception.  CrossFit has been a big winner for me because someone else does the programming for me.  

Say it with me, kids: Planning. Is. Good. Literally nothing negative comes from planning. But I am, by nature, the worst about it.  The. Worst.  I think things will work out and I end up panicking and improvising and it often leaves me anxious and not doing things like I want to…and then disappointed with the outcome.  Again…duh.

Right now, I’m motivated to follow through on this, but again – in the long run, it’s discipline that will get me through it.  It’s really, really difficult for me, and not going to lie – I’m terrified.  But I’m going to keep telling myself I can do it until I really believe it.  Rumor has it that this approach works for some people.  Stay tuned.

Today’s workout – boot camp at the gym.  A whole bunch of sandbag movements today, and it was a good one.  Then a new overhead squat PR at 130 pounds – woo-hoo!  Progress has been good lately, and I’ll attribute it directly to better nutrition, followed by better rest and less stress.  

Keep rocking your week, friends! 

Limiting Beliefs

I’m re-listening to the audio version of “You Are a Bad—” right now, and I am enjoying it as much or more this time as last time.

Don’t we all have mountains in our lives that we truly don’t believe we can scale?  Well, guess what?  We won’t.  And we won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but over time, I have slowly trained myself to deal with disappointment by avoiding situations where I could encounter it.  Sound familiar?

“I won’t ever be able to back squat 200 pounds.” 

“I won’t ever be able to inspire anyone to be their best.”

“No way I’ll ever be able to do a muscle up.”

You see where I’m going with this?  It’s a fine line between keeping your head out of the clouds and telling yourself “why bother?”  If you wait until you see direct evidence that you can do something before you really try, you’ll never get there.  (This is really really hard).

I’m going to take my glorious 148 pound self (that was never going to weigh under 150) and go crush it at the gym.

“If you struggle, it just means there’s another level of success waiting for you.” – Shaun T

Also, this brilliant Tone Deaf Comics poster that is now hanging near my office:

Happy Tuesday, friends!

No such thing as a quick fix 

So I like to look on Pinterest for fun stuff – recipes, essential oil combinations…but then, I see stuff like this:

So, I’ve been pretty on point with my nutrition for the past few weeks, and I’ve lost…drumroll…about 4 pounds.  That’s GREAT progress, and I’m thrilled.  I’ve been participating in Beachbody challenge groups and drinking my Shakeology daily for a while, and then I decided that I wanted to check out this Stronger U program that other peeps at my gym are doing.  It complements my CrossFit workouts and BB challenge groups well, and things are rolling along.

But that picture above…can we stop it, y’all?  40 pounds in a month – even if it was feasible – is not a healthy amount of weight to lose in that time frame.  I’m no medical or nutrition expert, but that just seems like, I don’t know…common sense?   Especially if it involves drinking special lemon water from the amazon or something weird like that.  There’s not 40 pounds of toxic waste in your colon, guys.  I have a music degree and I can tell you that.

The thing I’ve loved about the program I’ve been following is that I can eat whatever I want.  Does it mean I should do that all the time?  Nope.  Because if I ate 7 breakfast tacos in the morning, I’d be sick right then and then starving later in the day.  The one thing I have given up completely (at least for now) is alcohol.  I’m just too hungry to waste macros on liquid.  And guys, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings last week and stayed away from the Shiner!  This is big.  The NBA Finals were on. 

Also, I do love breakfast tacos…just as a side note.

At any rate, for the first little bit of time, my body was still tired from the school year and didn’t like the reduction in carbs (news flash: to lose weight, you have to be in a calorie deficit) and my workouts were rough.  They’re finally coming back up, and I had some good lifts the last few days.  Due for a rest day tomorrow for sure.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!  Go rock it.

The Mental Game

So, do any of you Seinfeld fans remember, “The Summer of George?”

Well, not quite the same thing, but I’m calling this the summer of working on “me,” physically and mentally.  So in addition to dialing in my exercise and nutrition, I’m doing some “PD” or personal development.  Thanks to some Facebook peeps, I discovered this gem:

No, it’s not about teaching me how to be a mean girl (no commentary, please), but rather how to silence my inner mean girl, who tells me how unworthy I am of the good things in my life (She sounds like kind of a b—-, am I right?)  I’m about a third of the way through, and I highly recommend it.  To avoid spoilers, I won’t give too many details, but anyone who has ever acted out of fear of failure – all of us, right? – it is for you.  Read it.  I am looking forward to applying its lessons to my career and my life.

Getting reeeeeeeal vulnerable here, this happened: 

That middle digit has not been a “4” since last semester, and about 3 weeks of dialed-in nutrition has gotten me back here.  It’s not been about motivation – motivation only gets you so far.  Discipline keeps you going.  (Definitely not my quote, and even more definitely applicable to, you know…life).

I busted out some Insanity this morning…one of my favorites 😍 Looking forward to trying some NEWWWWW Shaun T workouts this week (Beachbody on Demand = the best).  

Tomorrow starts a new week, and a new chance to kick some butt.  Go get it, y’all.

Rest is kind of amazing

I did almost nothing yesterday.

Well, I half-heartedly vacuumed for the one flute lesson I taught at 10 AM and then the rest of the day…nada.

I’ve been asking myself for the last several weeks when I was going to start feeling “human” again.  And Friday, June 9… I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Summers are hard to navigate for me, because I am accustomed to having my workout schedule (and my whole life, really) determined by my band and work schedule.  I wrestled with whether or not to take a rest day yesterday, but it turned out to be a great decision.  Because I usually enjoy working out, it’s hard for me to tell when my body is telling me “STAHHHHP!!” but it was beneficial.  I slept great last night and hit PR #3 for the week.

So I’ve done “Jackie” four times since 2015, and my overall time has improved by just over five minutes.  That’s 50 percent better than my first attempt.  If this doesn’t tell you that fitness is a long game…well, it should!  And this will sound cliche, but comparison really is the thief of joy – if I focused on the other athletes that did the WOD in 7-8 minutes, I’d be pretty bummed!  

This workout, BTW, consists of a 1000 meter row, 50 light thrusters, and 30 pull-ups.  I’m coming for that 10 minute mark!

I used some new grips today – Rogue Natural Grips, combined with Goat tape.  I hate gloves, but my hands rip easily, so I’m kind of stuck.  I liked these and think I’ll like them more as they get broken in.   Of course I got them in red. 😍

So far so good – I think as they get broken in a little more, I’ll be able to give better feedback.  But my hands don’t hurt right now, and that’s good!

I know I’ve promised to go into more details about my food plan recently, and I will one of these days.  It really deserves a post all of its own.

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone.

Slow progress is progress

I hit a PR on my squat snatch this morning!  It was a 5 pound PR after being stuck for several months at the same number.  Tried another 5 pounds and couldn’t get it, so here’s to a NEW goal for next time!  But yeah, I had been stuck at 95 pounds since AUGUST.

So, sometimes it takes a while to see work pay off.  The patience part of this is really hard.  But I am officially in the triple digit club on that lift, so WOO HOO!

Cardio workout felt better (did our boot camp class today), but y’all…it’s getting hot outside!  If you’re doing any kind of training outdoors, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!   I aim for 75 oz. of water a day, but truthfully, I don’t track it carefully.  It’s just pretty much the only thing I drink.

Came home and had my trusty shake – y’all, I’ve been drinking Shakeology for over a year, and even during the times I was not very careful about the rest of my nutrition, this kept me closer on track than I would have otherwise been.  Also…delicious.  

Tomorrow marks two full weeks on the nutrition plan I’ve been following.  I’ll go into more details about what I’ve been doing tomorrow, but I’ll say – so far, so good!

I got new shoes yesterday, and after trying on 8+ pair, I wound up with new Reebok Speed TRs.  This is my third pair and I haven’t found anything that feels better on my feet!  They’re pretty sleek-looking in black, if I say so.  And buying workout gear is so much more fun than buying work clothes!  For reference, I tried on Reebok Nano 7.0s and Grace TR, as well as Nike Metcons.  

Oh, what I would give to be able to wear stretchy capris to work every day…but right now,  I’ll enjoy it.

Happy Wednesday, friends – get up and moving!

The Blahs

We’ve all experienced them.  At work, at home…and sometimes, of course, in the gym.

After a somewhat frustrating day otherwise, I’d hoped to finally hit some PR’s today.  Well that, my friends, was not meant to be.

I could list the myriad of excuses as to why things were how they were (the heat, the lack of carbs, my training) but the fact is it just didn’t happen.  And I have two separate, but equally important perspectives on this:

  1. I need to do things differently in the future so it doesn’t continue this way and
  2. I need to be grateful that even on a “bad” day, I’ve come a long way.

Perspective number one is so, so easy to get lost in.  But – really, it is important not to accept excuses from yourself.  As a teacher, my biggest flaw is that I can be too soft sometimes, but in my heart, I know that accepting less than a kid’s best isn’t what’s best for them.  So, my ultimate goal is to push them to the next level.  Why on earth would I be less demanding of myself?  I deserve that push, too.

Even knowing that, it’s incredibly important for all of us to give ourselves grace. It is okay to be thankful for – and even proud of – where you are in your life.  

Now, if any of you find the delicate balance between those two points of view…let me know.  

Not a morning person

So today – the first Monday of summer – I volunteered to watch the band hall for lessons.  No big, I’ll get some work done and maybe marathon a few episodes of The Office, and my office chair is A+ comfy, so it’s fine.

But it did mean that the most ideal time for me to go to CrossFit today was 5 AM.


If that facial expression doesn’t sum it up, I don’t know what does.  

I’m going to go so far as to say that I am fairly/moderately strong on several lifts.  But today was just not. My. Day.  Surely I am not the only one who can’t lift for crud super early?  But I missed previous PR’s by A LOT.

So yeah, I could have gotten super discouraged, but I also know…that I can’t lift for crud in the morning!  Because I know that about myself, it was relatively easy to accept as a fluke. 

Didn’t hurt that I PR’d my baseline by 20+ seconds.  So cardio – okay.  Lifting – nope.

Incidentally, I googled weightlifting fail memes to illustrate my annoyance with my lifts this morning – and I didn’t use any because I found most of them pretty tacky.  Especially when they involve a picture of someone trying their butt off.  That kind of stuff is what makes people scared to start a fitness journey.  Just saying.

Happy Monday, friends – get out and move today!

I have a lazy streak

Well, not so much lazy, as…efficient.

I use Shipt for grocery delivery.  I use Pinterest for recipes, but if it’s longer than a 10-15 minute prep time before throwing it in the oven…forrrrrget it.

There’s a home workout on the agenda this morning (Insanity!!) but here I am, stuck under a pile of floof:

That’s Kettlebell.  He’s a good boy.  And very, very warm.  

So probably anyone who works out would agree with me when I say that the hardest part is getting started.  So, finally dressed, I took a pre-workout that is NOT my usual pre-workout

But it WAS on sale.  I’m out of my favorite – Energize – and I got this stuff.  I’m thinking my fingers should NOT tingle when I drink this stuff, so I’m placing an order for my tried and true magic lemonade tomorrow.  Can’t wait,

Anyway – workout was pretty good!  Streamed Insanity Live Round 25 and am now back on the couch with the doggies where I belong.

Happy Sunday, friends!