Holy Exhaustion

I.  Am. Tired.



And I don’t mean normal band tired.  I mean, physical summer band exhausted.  The ridiculous thing is that I don’t even help with marching band!  My sun exposure is severely limited compared to years past. 

I’m just old (kidding).

Turns out, CrossFit is pretty tough when you’re getting 8 hours of sleep, but near impossible to fully recover from when you’re getting 6 hours of sleep.  I’m still sore/tired from workouts several days ago.  So, pretty obviously, two things have to happen:

  • I’ve got to get some sleep
  • I’ve got to take some more rest days.

Why do “rest days” have such a negative connotation?  Do we feel lazy?  Do we feel like we have to work through the soreness?  

Surely, I am not the only one who has issues getting myself to bed early, am I?  Realistically, if I want to work out at 5 AM, I need to be awake by 4:15ish in order to get the dogs fed, etc.  I leave some of it to Chris, but with 6 dogs (yes, new foster, hang on) it’s tough for one person.  

So a 4:15 wake up time means an 8:15 bedtime for 8 hours of sleep.

MOTHER OF GOD, IT IS STILL DAYLIGHT THEN.  Also, walking my dogs, planning, etc… there’s usually something to do to keep me from feeling behind before the next day starts.  

I’ve tried 5 AM before and have always gone back to evenings, and now I remember why.  Shouldn’t it all even out and feel the same?   Oh, the band director’s conundrum.  (Let’s just say the band director’s conundrum isn’t whether or not to move around at all ever…)

At any rate, there’s a new dog here.  His name is Neco and he’s a freaking mess.  Heartworms and no manners at all.  No social skills (as in the skill most dogs have to pick up when other dogs don’t want to play…nope).

But he’s sweet.  And has a good heart.  We’ll make it work.  We owe it to him – in memory of our Bruce boy, and of all the dogs that deserve better.  We may only save one at a time…but at least we can do that. 

Here’s the new guy, post-cone removal:

When you take that little care of a dog and then decide you can’t have him anymore, I don’t believe any excuse you throw my way.  Sorry/not sorry.

Congratulations on making it through another week – have a great Saturday, friends!


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