Workin’ It

Well, everyone – it’s been an exciting few days.

And by exciting, I mean “routine,” and that is fine by me.  

Summer band started this past Thursday.  I use the mornings to take care of paperwork at my school and teach inside rehearsals in the afternoon.  Friday, I also made my debut in front of 175+ people as an Insanity Live instructor!  


So I’ll be doing that the next couple of weeks and possibly at my own gym coming up soon, and that is a really fun venture out of the norm for me.  I think I’m kind of decent at it, too.  It is a great change of pace from CrossFit and really good in a group setting.  

Keeping my nutrition and fitness under control has also taught me quite a bit about how to teach.  The “discipline trumps motivation” mantra is one we could all benefit from, and I’m hoping to implement it across the board this year.  Not in any kind of “mean” way, but in a productive way!  

Also helping keep me productive this year will be my new Erin Condren lesson planner.  It should be arriving Monday or Tuesday!  I am unreasonably excited by this.  My personal planner has been great for keeping track of appointments, to-do lists, and meals, but there’s just not enough room for lesson plans as well.  Here’s a sneak peek:

My favorite quote, courtesy of Rudy T 😍 🚀 

We are also getting a new foster dog this coming week – another boxer, and another sad situation.  The family is having a baby and I could almost buy an excuse about needing to rehome out of concerns about compatibility…except the dog is skinny and heartworm positive, so they didn’t take great care of him to start with.  I hope fervently this dog was rescued in time.

We will also pick up Bruce’s ashes when we pick up the new doggie.  The people at West Alabama Animal Clinic are good human beings.

Happy Saturday, friends – do something that makes your heart happy. 


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