Where I Am, and Where I’m Not

Well guys, it’s official – I am missing TBA for the first time since 2002.  It’s with good reason, but I still don’t love it.

Bruce, our foster dog, is pretty sick.  He came to us skinny and weak, but that’s almost standard for a shelter dog, sadly.  Not unfamiliar territory at all.  The last couple of days, though, he wasn’t eating much and was listless and unenergetic.

So back to the vet he went, and dude is a mess.  All dogs deserve better than this, and I am convinced his previous owner saw his decline and decided that since he wasn’t really taking care of him anyway, he’d officially stop pretending.  To Missouri City Animal Control he went.

So we’ve had him for a few weeks now, and he seemed to progress….until he didn’t.  The long and short of it is that the plan was to put him down in the morning.  Today, though, he started eating some more and perking up.  He seems – at least right now – to be responding to medication, which is a big surprise given how bad his bloodwork was.  We aren’t out of the woods, but it has at least bought us the weekend.

So I’m sad to miss TBA – I love seeing people, I love learning new band things, I love seeing people’s successes.  I guess if there’s one positive thing, it’s that I DON’T love having my food choices be so haphazard.  There’s that…right?  

My nutrition was on track for 8 solid weeks until I lost my mind at a social gathering the other night (mac and cheese and some amazing brownies…geez, I’m getting hungry again, even though I just ate dinner!) and was up 2 pounds the next day.  

Reality check – when you pig out, you’ll weigh more the next day.  If you’re a weigh daily person like I am (thank you, Stronger U), you accept it, accept the self-inflicted slap on the wrist and move on.  Or you wait a couple of days to weigh and let it pass (literally).

But if you eat 1000 extra calories, that’s less than a third of a pound of actual permanent weight gain.  So once? Annoying, yeah, don’t do it again. 4-5 times a week?  Well, that’s where we get in trouble.  

Goal: eat at home.  So far, much better.

Happy Thursday, friends.  Here’s Brucie Boy, just so you get to see his gorgeous face.


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