Getting it all done

Y’all!  It’s been a bit, since I haven’t had anything particularly inspiring happen recently.  Something has been really brewing in my brain, though, especially in light of some exciting news yesterday.  

The Friendswood JH Symphonic Band has been invited to perform at the National Concert Band Festival in March!  So yes, we are taking 50 some odd junior high kids to Indianapolis to perform.  This is exciting – and you bet I’m going to spend the next couple of days just being thrilled – but it also has the potential to be way overwhelming.

This brings me to my point.  A huge percentage of music educators prioritize their jobs over their health.  A huge percentage.  It’s a problem. And it isn’t just a problem for our physical health, it’s a problem for our mental and emotional health as well.  Let’s face it – we do nothing well when all of that is out of whack.

Now, to be fair – I really like working out (usually).  It’s a hobby of mine, which is why I’ve maintained that pretty well even as I’m completely losing it elsewhere.  But here are some things I don’t like:

  • Waking up early
  • Going to bed early
  • Folding clothes
  • Doing grades
  • Saying “no” to the smorgasbord of monthly birthday goodies in the front office
  • Eating at home when all I want is wings and beer (NBA season is tough, y’all)

You see?  I think that we all struggle with some things, and it’s a matter of sucking it up and doing it anyway.  I’ve never once regretted getting my grades done early (hey, it’s happened before) but it doesn’t stop me from saying “nahhh, I’m going to watch SVU in peace tonight.”

There are a lot of music educators out there who really know what they are doing.  I try to learn from them often.  So, the example I want to set is being able to be the best I can be for the kiddos at school via keeping my own engine running.  I’d love any help or feedback that any of you would like to share, and I really think we can all use this upcoming year to improve ourselves!

Like any group, we are all better when we build each other up.  It sounds cheesy…but I love cheese.  Nom.

Kettlebell says “Happy Wednesday!”


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