The Big Apple!

So, we’ve been in NYC the last few days!

I walked over 23,000 steps yesterday (including a drop-in workout at a CrossFit box) so today was a “rest” day, meaning I’ve only walked 10K so far today.  And maybe I’m getting old (ha) but I absolutely cannot walk around for 6 hours without desperately needing a nap afterwards.  It’s a vacation, and that’s okay!

I’ve been trying to keep on top of my nutrition here, but that is TOUGH.  I’ve been stopping at Starbucks for almond milk every day and mixing it with my Shakeology, so that’s a win.  But this walking is leaving me always hungry and I’ve gone kind of crazy on the carbs for a couple days.  Not to mention (TMI warning) that my digestion isn’t great while traveling, no matter how hard I try to find fiber-filled food.

I’ve worked out twice so far, once in the fitness center at the hotel and one time, as mentioned above, at a CrossFit box here.  A super fancy one off fifth avenue, in fact!   This gym includes:

  • Two full sides of weight racks/pull up rigs
  • RPM jump ropes on the fanciest jump rope holder I have ever seen
  • Rows of assault bikes and rowers 
  • A locker room with PIN-operating lockers
  • A reception area
  • A $350 monthly price tag if you want to actually join (that’s not a dig – it’s just what it costs there!)

I LOVED it, so if you’re in the area, stop in!  I will say, I miss my small, homey gym and love that I can get just as great a workout there.  I’m a little homesick, really!

I wanted to try streaming Insanity in my room, but there’s not room in here.  Literally.  No side to side movement would happen.  I could get really creative, but ehhh.  Might be worth it just to post the story 😂

Happy Tuesday everyone!  We are having a great trip.


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