I’ll start with a dog selfie because Oreo and Milkshake are pretty cute.

So far, this summer has been about improving myself, chilling with the doggies, and making new recipes (mostly off Pinterest…let’s be honest).  Tonight’s dinner was a baked sesame chicken, which if I say so myself, was pretty awesome.  

I’ve been way more successful with my nutrition since Stronger U suggested I pre-record my meals in MyFitnessPal.  DUH!  It seems so obvious.  But I’m frequently guilty of flying by the seat of my pants on a variety of things, and this was no exception.  CrossFit has been a big winner for me because someone else does the programming for me.  

Say it with me, kids: Planning. Is. Good. Literally nothing negative comes from planning. But I am, by nature, the worst about it.  The. Worst.  I think things will work out and I end up panicking and improvising and it often leaves me anxious and not doing things like I want to…and then disappointed with the outcome.  Again…duh.

Right now, I’m motivated to follow through on this, but again – in the long run, it’s discipline that will get me through it.  It’s really, really difficult for me, and not going to lie – I’m terrified.  But I’m going to keep telling myself I can do it until I really believe it.  Rumor has it that this approach works for some people.  Stay tuned.

Today’s workout – boot camp at the gym.  A whole bunch of sandbag movements today, and it was a good one.  Then a new overhead squat PR at 130 pounds – woo-hoo!  Progress has been good lately, and I’ll attribute it directly to better nutrition, followed by better rest and less stress.  

Keep rocking your week, friends! 


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